Digital Signage

What Is Digital Signage?


It is a new generation broadcast, (advertising, announcement, and information) system that can be used in all areas and in every sector, applicable through professional screens.
It is the easiest and most economical way to keep information up to date digitally without the need of printing flyer, brochure, and banner.

Digital Signage Systems that can be easily adapted to all sectors and business areas, is a professional system that allows you to broadcast rich media content on your screens safely, quickly, modernly, and conspicuously to your target audience, whether from a single center or from local screens in different regions, thanks to Digital Signage Software wherever the internet exists.

What Is Digital Signage Software?

Digital Signage Software is a professional content management software that allows you to remotely manage your devices.

Many contents such as images, videos, news, animated texts, RSS feeds, power point presentations, PDF documents, weather- road information, currency information, flight information, flash animations, web pages, video animations can be created, updated, published, or removed from publication thanks to this software.

With Digital Signage Software, you can centrally manage your devices at any time, plan broadcast streams on a device-by-device or group-by-device basis and broadcast them on your screens.

What Is The Advantage That Digital Signage Devices Provide To Users?

  • You can save on the fixed costs of your advertising activities, such as posters/banners, permanently.
  • You can broadcast 24/7 any way you want.
  • With rich content created, you can reach your target audience effectively and quickly.
  • You can share videos, images, announcements, campaigns, news, weather, currency information and more on a single screen at the same time.
  • Or you can easily manage your devices in many different locations from a single center.
  • You can update or remove published content at any time.
  • You can manage 1 device or multiple devices simultaneously.
  • You can determine the broadcast content of each screen according to its target audience.
  • You can create a broadcast stream for your company and complete your corporate identity.
  • Provides long years of seamless use with its durability.
  • Provides an innovative environment where they are located.
  • Increases your communication with your customers/visitors and offers a more pleasant environment.

Uses Of Digital Signage Systems

Digital Signage Systems have no limitations on usage area.However, to give a few examples;

In-House Digital Signage Solutions

  • Corporate communication,
  • Announcements from management to personnel,
  • Event calendar announcements,
  • Safety Instructions,
  • Staff Training,
  • Centralized Operation Monitoring,
  • Emergency Notices,
  • Reception Guidance,
  • Meeting Room Management Systems

Digital Signage Solutions for Healthcare Industry

  • Doctor’s room name holder,
  • Patient information tracking,
  • Customer satisfaction measurement,
  • Product and service advertisements,
  • Health Advice,
  • Reception Guidance,
  • Queue management systems

Digital Signage Solutions for Food and Beverage and Retail Industry

  • Product and Campaign Menu Introductions
  • Store and Branch Showcase Information
  • Discount / campaign / event announcement
  • Payment systems

Digital Signage Solutions for The Financial Industry

  • In-branch and showcase information systems,
  • Central operation monitoring (Data Center) systems,
  • Meeting room management systems,
  • Campaign introductions,
  • In house communication platform,
  • Instant data notification,
  • Reception areas
  • Payment systems

Digital Signage Solutions for Travel and Tourism Industry

  • Reception areas,
  • In-Terminal information systems (departure and arrival information),
  • Centralized operations monitoring systems,
  • Kiosk and Wayfinding systems,
  • Guidance and Information Systems (announcement and advertising contents)
  • Payment systems
  • Event calendar announcements
  • Emergency notices
  • Health and hygiene notices

Digital Signage Solutions for The Education Sector

  • Smart board systems,
  • In-house Information Systems,
  • Room / class name holder solutions,
  • Safety information,
  • Informing the rules to be followed,
  • Announcement about events,
  • Emergency Information

Areas Of Use Of Digital Signage Systems 2. Alternative

  • Information for society in public areas such as news, weather, traffic density information, maps and navigation systems.
  • Corporate areas: Information sharing, meeting room reservation systems, meeting coordination, training, conference
  • Health: Queue system, doctor’s room information, patient / examination information, health and product recommendations
  • Tourism: Navigation, Top-Rated Tourist Attractions, City Information, Digital Guides
  • Retail: Self-service payment kiosks, product display in stores, smart mirror systems
  • Restaurants: Self-service systems, digital menu boards, self-service order kiosks and digital food menus
  • Marketing: Promotions, creating ambience, product presentation screens, service catalogs
  • Museums and galleries: Way finding, digital tours.
  • Education: School and campus navigation, digital bookshelf in libraries, smart classroom systems, classroom door labeling, digital attendance tracking kiosks, smart board systems
  • Exhibition areas: Interactive product / service catalogs, visitor registration, networking, product promotion screens

Usage Data of Digital Signage Systems

Consumers are in touch with Digital Signage screens 10 times more than with print ads.

In addition, it has been found that an ad/campaign/announcement seen on the Digital Signage screen remains in visual memory for a long time.

60% of consumers decide on the product they will buy in the store/branch, and according to statistics, 1 out of every 3 consumers who do not think to spend buys the product they see on the Digital Signage screen.

Digital signage is a great marketing method that gives the best results on the audience when compared to other advertising strategies.

Digital Signage: 43 %

TV: 24 %

Billboard: 13 %

Internet: 11 %

Other: 9 %

Digital Menuboard Systems

The use of Digital Menu boards is entirely up to your creativity, imagination, and corporate vision!

Digital Signage Menu board allows to present menus with high-resolution content, use rotational transitions, offer any detail to your customers in the fastest way, add/remove products at any time, update prices or create product-specific instant campaigns in cafes, restaurants, bars.

You can create a branch-specific or product-specific content management.
You can manage from a single point centrally on the contents of one or more digital signage screens.

In other words, Digital Menu boards are a digital signage system that can be easily organized and managed according to the criteria you have selected. With these digital signages Displays prepared using the Digital Signage system, you can share high-definition videos instead of fixed images and change these contents according to your request.

If you want, you can create a Video Wall by combining several digital signage Menu board screens and make much larger and more impressive content presentations.

Benefits of Digital Menuboard systems for your business

  • You can create dynamic and engaging contents.
  • You can create animated menus that can be looped continuously or draw attention to the desired section.
  • You can quickly and easily update, publish, or remove it from the publication.
  • You can create new campaigns for the specific duration, even if you don’t plan ahead.
  • You can specify the broadcast content of each screen according to its target audience.
  • You can create a broadcast stream owned by your company and complete your corporate identity.
  • It provides many years of trouble-free use with its durability.
  • It provides an innovative environment where located.
  • It increases your communication with your customers/visitors and offers a more pleasant environment.

Video Wall Systems

Video Wall usage areas are completely up to your creativity and imagination!

Video Wall is a state-of-the-art Digital Signage solution where you can contact your target audience at fairs, shopping malls, stadiums, airports, and large public areas.

Wouldn’t it be great for your target audience to watch your prepared images on giant screens combined with multiple screens with high quality?

You can combine as many screens as you want by using Video Wall systems, and you can place your images on multiple screens at the same time without disturbing the image integrity with the super-thin frame feature. The screen combinations in the video Wall system are entirely up to your creativity to form one large screen. (Overlapped, contiguously, or in different formats)

So, you can appeal to a lot more people and get their attention.

Advantages Of Using Video Wall

  • You can appeal to a wider audience and attract their attention.
  • With the use of amusing materials where digital effects are intense, you can take your stable messages to an advanced level.
  • Human resource is one of the most valuable capital of your business. Video Wall can deliver your messages to your customers much more effectively, just like any other employee, while your employees perform another task.
  • You can combine multiple screens and have a high-resolution screen of any size.